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Sign up now to become a Contract Carrier! Amino is now utilizing MyCarrierPackets Carrier Onboarding and Monitoring to help streamline our onboarding process. With the power of this platform, getting set up is fast and easy.

Quick Pay

Need to get paid fast? Amino offers a quick pay program that pays you on delivery. A 3% fee applies to the total invoice amount.

After Hours

Transportation doesn’t stop and neither should we! Amino’s dedicated staff works around the clock to provide the support you need for any situation. We are here to help!

Automated Tracking

Drivers have a ton of responsibilities while on the road. They should not have to juggle updates with brokers and dispatchers. That is why we offer automated tracking. Reduce the stress and Automate!


Excellent company
Quality Services

"I enjoy working with Amino because they are the best in what they do. They are always on top of their game and any issues or problems someone might have they always resolve it super quickly and efficiently."

LTR Response
Contract Carrier

“I, Patrick Grade of PM Trucking LLC, have been doing business with Amino for over 2 and 1/2 years now, by far I couldn't be happier than dealing with a well-organized, sociable company. 100% on communication with Jon hunt and his crew, good people. Amino has been the best about getting you paid I have no issues and never had any issues with getting a payment from Amino. My one and only issue not a big deal but would like it if they go back to the old rate confirmations it was one page and easier because sometimes, I will sign them and it says it's been submitted to you guys and I haven't received the confirmation back so I have to electronically sign them and then submit them.”

PM Trucking
Contract Carrier

“I have been working [with] Amino for several years. In that time, I’ve had nothing but good experiences!  I enjoy working for Amino because they are easy to communicate with, and always respond quickly to inquiries.  I always enjoyed working with Dennis (retired now).  I now get to work with John, who is phenomenal.  Amino is top-notch!”

Kruse Repair
Contract Carrier

“We typically fly out to our top tier customers for good customer-client relationships, however since the fuel rates skyrocketed we had to focus on drivers accountability, Amino Transport has been a great customer/broker for Five Star Mobile Breakdown Service for 4 years with and impeccable good communication and experienced staff, whom is always available for our calls, the rates we agreed upon always stayed neutral without any hesitation, the staff of Jon, Jake, Angela, and the rest of the staff are what smaller trucking companies need, as to this date we still have a good relationship as we still Haul for them!!! Kuddos Team!!! A proud Preferred Carrier!!!”

Five Star Mobile Breakdown

“We here at relay Logistics really enjoy working with Amino Transport , brokers are trustworthy and consistent, and anytime we had a problem with a load it was always handled.”

Relay Logistics
Contract Carrier