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Less Than Truckload

We help eliminate the headaches of LTL shipping through consolidated pricing that includes auditing, claims, and managing your freight from dock to delivery utilizing our TMS system. Amino offers a robust, user-friendly TMS portal to help you streamline your day. Once logged in, your LTL shipping becomes a breeze with quick rating, booking, tracking, and full use of the product catalog and address book.

Less Than Truckload

Service Offerings: Standard, Volume, Guaranteed, Expedited

Value Added Services: Freight Management, Claims, Auditing


Amino’s state-of-the-art TMS system provides real-time visibility to your LTL shipment while streamlining the quoting, booking, and tracking process. Connected to our network of LTL carriers using the latest in API technology, we improve overall efficiency by providing customized resources like address books and product catalogs.

Auditing & Reporting

Amino audits all freight invoices from LTL carriers to ensure the accuracy of the charges. You will not be invoiced until the invoice has been audited and any issues are corrected.  Whether you audit in-house, outsource, or do not audit at all, Amino can help reduce your costs from auditing. Auditing is just another service we provide to our clients for simply shipping with us. 

Freight Management

Amino manages your shipment from pickup through delivery and invoicing because we care. We proactively address the everyday issues that exist in LTL and ensure updates are communicated to you timely and professionally through our highly experienced and dedicated LTL support team.


Amino provides professional and knowledgeable support in all claims filing, and we’ll work with you and the carrier throughout the life of your freight claim.  We work with you to provide all required information to the carrier.  We assist with filing the claim on your behalf and work with our carriers to ensure you are paid in full – managing the entire process.  We strive to take the pain out of the claims process.


Excellent company
Quality Services

"Daniels Health has partnered exclusively with Amino to manage our LTL shipments for over 10 years. Although they continue to provide excellent pricing, the decision to continue our partnership year over year is driven by their amazing customer service. I spend a significant amount of time resolving issues, however my LTL is never one of them. For this, I am thankful for our relationship with Amino."

Director of Logistics & Supply Chain

"We've been using Amino for over 8 years, and they quickly became the #1 choice for our LTL needs. Amino's LTL department provides prompt response to emails, good rates, and overall great communication. The few times that there have been issues with a load, it has always been resolved quickly. We highly recommend using Amino."

Business Manager Logistics & Shipping

"My decision to team up with Amino's LTL department was one of the best moves I could have made. I not only gained another great team that handles their business, but they are good to me and my team as well. I can trust that once an order has been placed with this department that the team is going to handle everything from start to finish. I really appreciate everything thus far that everyone at Amino has done for us and will continue to look forward to working with them in the future."

Logistics Manager

"At first, I was skeptical about the services that Amino claimed to provide. A year and a half later, they have exceeded all my expectations. The LTL team is top tier from a service aspect. Finding a partnership with a company that has the same business beliefs is hard. If that is what you are looking for, then look no further. AMINO LTL is that company."

Distribution Manager